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“More than bodies” is a project that was born in 2016 at ERAM, University of Audiovisual and Multimedia in Salt, Girona. This project started due to the necessity to represent all body shapes and sizes within the modern day fashion industry, mass and social media.

In 2017, this project evolved and expanded its representation from body size to all of the other aspects taking part into beauty standards and prototypes. That’s why “More than bodies” ghts to showcase all bodies as equals and beautiful in their own way.

"More than bodies"
is a transmedia
project that works
towards body confidence
in the new generations.

From the established aim to get to all the diferent insecurities we chose 5 topics to represent each one of them in 5 videos. The videos have a common art direction and each one is represented with a thoughtful aesthetic.




who we are

Equip More Than Bodies
MTB Team

The collective of people that made “More than bodies” possible. An enthusiast group of people motivated to create an artistic and innovative project about the sensitive theme that body confidence is. Encouraging people seeing and reading about it to feel better about themselves and to let them know that they aren’t alone on the fight of learning to love their body.

Who is who?




helped us

Marc Muñoz


Arnau Capuz


Emili Bota


Sergi Jordán


Technical support:

David Andrés, Gemma Basas, Emili Bota, Arnau Capuz, Jordina Corominas, Quim Fontané, Sergi Jordán, Marc Muñoz.


Miquel Bisbe, Nita Buisàn, Jordi Caralt, Terenci Corominas, Francesc Font, Ernest Forts, Quim Gibert, Arnau Gifreu, David Gimbernat, Jordi Márquez, Marc Plana, Pere Puigvert, Mireia Vidal.

Actors and actresses:

Marc Ambite Torras, Emili Arcega Del Val, Gerard Blaya Serradesanferm, Jordi Bosch Sierra, Sergi Camps Costa, Meritxell Cardellach Barba, Cristina Casanova Aguilar, Pau Caselles Bolufer, Magda Claramunt Manchado, Marta Colell Molina, Pol Corominas Toro, Marina Cusí Sanchez, Miquel Eugenio Pareja, Irene Fabrellas Espinal, Quim Fontané Massachs, Anna Fusté Jumilla, Guillem Gispert Bronsoms, Laura Guirado Tejero, Aina Kohler Ferrer, Kesya Leszczynska Rzepka, Irene Molero Vicens, Ramon Panosa Serrats, Fàtima Pérez Artau, Jana Pujol Pujadas, Oriol Roig Dueñas, Musa Sillah Ceesay, Vero Valle Valero, Guillem Venegas Viñas, Cristina Viladomat García, Gemma Xifra Torrent.


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Address: Factoria Cultural Coma Cros
C/Sant Antoni,1 - 17190 - Salt

Tel. +34609327592
Email: mthanbodies@gmail.com

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